The small book of Haggai stands on par with other prophetic books in many respects. Sermon series: Minor Prophets, Major Messages. The people honor God through the temple precisely because they have experienced God's promises in history in events like the exodus and the restoration to the land." Haggai 2:13, Haggai 2:14.—Spurgeon, My Sermon Notes: Ecclesiastes to Malachi, p. 362. when the Babylonians, led by Nebuchadnezzar, sacked Jerusalem, destroyed the temple, killed many of the … Sermon Bible Commentary. All of us need some special encouragement from time to time. It comes only from complete surrender to and complete trust in Him Who is the meaning of the old temple and the High Priest of the new." So you can see that about 18 years went by between the return of the exiles and the rebuilding of the temple. God called them to stop looking at things in an earthly way, but to look up, and see God was with them, as he had been in the past, and would be in the future. Announce this news about God the same yesterday, today, and forever who is always doing a new thing. Haggai 1:7 Thinking God's Thoughts; Haggai 2:1-9 Be Strong and Build; Haggai 2:10-19 A Time to Bless; EBENEZER HENDERSON Commentary on Haggai . And in this place will I give peace - שלום shalom a peace-offering, as well as peace itself; or Jesus Christ, who is called the Prince of peace, through whom peace is proclaimed between God and man, between man and his fellows; and through whom peace is established in the disconsolate soul. However, in (v. 12) it is not just Zerubbabel and Joshua who obey and fear God, the people at large do so as well. It was an occasion to stir up mixed feelings among the people. These small group studies of Haggai contain outlines, cross-references, Bible study discussion questions, teaching points, and applications. That exile began in 587 B.C. Commentary, Haggai 1:15b-2:9, Steed Davidson, Preaching This Week,, 2013. The first temple was burnt by the Chaldees, and the wall of Jerusalem was broken down, and the people carried captive to Babylon, and it was more than fifty years after that the foundation of … I. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on Haggai 2:9. So Haggai and Zechariah were sent by God to assist in the rebuilding of the temple. These words refer to the first and the second temple at Jerusalem. It is that "peace" mentioned at the conclusion of Haggai 2:9. xvi., p. 268. 1-3 . Sermons on Haggai. Haggai 2:9 - The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts. THE PROBLEM OF SIZE - Vss. Name. Haggai 2:9 Parallel. Really. Scott, Christian World Pulpit, vol. Some have found it one of the most contributive sources in getting at … Read verse in King James Version Mutual Viewpoint. Visit our library of inductive Bible studies for more in depth inductive studies on this and other books of the Bible you can use in your small group. I. Biblical Commentary Haggai 1:15b – 2:9 EXEGESIS: THE CONTEXT: Haggai is a post-exilic prophet, serving during the period following the Babylonian Exile. The first temple was burnt by the Chaldees, and the wall of Jerusalem was broken down, and the people carried captive to Babylon, and it was more than fifty years after that the foundation of the second house was laid. Submit. (Note: This sermon was interrupted by a fire drill.) This work was begun, according to Haggai 1:15, on the 24th day of the sixth month of the second year of the reign of Darius, which in our dating is September 21, 520 BC. Home >> Bible Studies >> Haggai >> Haggai 2:1-9. Haggai 2:9 I. Haggai 2:9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts. And if the first sermon that we thought about last Monday evening was a message of rebuke, this second sermon - chapter 2 verses 1 to 9 - is a message of encouragement. Haggai 1:12-2:9. Haggai 2:20-23.—J. He gives them encouraging words in 2:1-9. 2006.01.29 sermon by Francis Chanfrom Haggai 1Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CASpeaker: Francis Chan Haggai 1-2: Let Us Begin with God! Haggai 2:17.— Ibid., Evening by Evening, p. 218. Colossians 1:19. Haggai rebuked his listeners in chapter 1. Introduction. Recount this chronicle of two generations, one with memories of a glorious past and one with some hopes for a faithful future. Subscribe to the Verse of the day. Haggai 2: 6-9 ----- AS we have seen in our previous sermon, God has reassured Israel in their work of re-building the temple in an amazing way. Sermon series Haggai The Shaking of the Nations Haggai 2:20-23 – June 8, 1997. 15 on the twenty-fourth day of the sixth month. Sermon How to Overcome Disappointment. Haggai 2:9. Verse 9. 4 Yet now be strong, O Zerubbabel, saith the Lord; and be strong, O Joshua, son of Josedech, the high priest; and be strong, all ye people of the land, saith the Lord, and work: for I am with you, saith the Lord of hosts: 5 According to the word that I covenanted with you when ye came out of Egypt, so my spirit remaineth among you: fear ye not. The Promised Glory of the New House. In one form or another, God’s people will suffer under the exilic conditions of pain and difficulty until Christ returns. "The peace which prevails in the true and more glorious temple of God is not "as the world gives" (John 14:27). E.M. Gray spent his life searching for the one trait all successful people share. Haggai told the people to get busy, or today he might have said "Just do it!" C. Hare, Sermons in Herstmonceux Church, vol. 9 “‘This Temple is going to end up far better than it started out, a glorious beginning but an even more glorious finish: a place in which I will hand out wholeness and holiness.’ Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.” Haggai 2:11-14.— Ibid., p. 123. The Voice Of The Nature Of God . Revelation 1:19. Tell this story of a people trying to rebuild their lives and determine where God is in the midst of it. Verification Code. SERMONS; ALL; EBOOKS; BLOG; Haggai 2:1-9. These words refer to the first and the second temple at Jerusalem. Notice also the contrast between “these people” (v. 2) and “their God” (v. 12). Haggai 2:4-9 King James Version (KJV). Thus (the promise closes with this in Haggai 2:9), the later glory of this house will be greater than the former was. Haggai 2:1-9 English Standard Version (ESV) The Coming Glory of the Temple. 11/10/2019 - Haggai 1:15b-2:9 “The Golden Age” 11/3/2019 - Luke 6:20-31 “Life in the Cloud” 10/27/2019 - Luke 18:9-14 “Look in the Mirror” 10/20/2019 - Luke 18:1-8 “An Honest Judge” 10/13/2019 - Luke 17:11-19 “The Outlier” 10/6/2019 - Luke 22:7-20 “Why We Do What We Do” Maybe you’re facing the surgeon’s knife and you fear what the future may hold. While we know little about the person named Haggai, the book boasts the successful completion of work on the temple in the restoration period. Using the historical situation as a spring-board, Haggai reveled in the supreme glory of the ultimate messianic temple yet to come (2:7), encouraging them with the promise of even greater peace (2:9), prosperity (2:19), divine rulership (2:21, 22), and national blessing (2:23) during the Millennium. Luther 1984: Es soll die Herrlichkeit dieses neuen Hauses größer werden, als die des ersten gewesen ist, spricht der HERR Zebaoth; und ich will Frieden geben an dieser Stätte, spricht der HERR Zebaoth. SERMON ON HAGGAI 2:9 BY Dr. JOY SOLOMON RAJU AT SHAKANYA PRAYER HALL ON 12/11/2017 - video upload powered by Email. God called them not to fear. Take note that Haggai addressed this sermon to Zerubbabel and Joshua in (v. 1). Haggai 2:9 Sermons; Haggai 2:9 Prayers; Haggai 2:9 Images; Haggai 2:9 Devotionals; Choose Chapter. Building: A Stewardship Sermon on Haggai 1:15b-2:9 “Building” Haggai 1:15b-2:9 November 11, 2007 Only a handful are living, but there are still a few men for whom the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month has great personal meaning: veterans of the First World War. Predigten in mp3 oder wav format zum Anhören oder Downloaden in verschiedenen Sprachen, digitalisiert von Kassette A few weeks ago someone sent me the following prayer, written by a man named Frank Morris. Today's Devotionals. It’s from something […] Text: Haggai 2:10-19 Sermon Series: Haggai. It may be that you need encouragement to stay in school, or to stay on the job, or just to get out of bed in the morning. Haggai 2:9 The Message (MSG). Sermon The Blessings of Obedience. The first sermon we thought about last week, the second sermon we will think about this week, and the next two sermons were both given - you remember - on the same day. Haggai 2, 9 Das Buch des Propheten Haggai Kapitel: 2, Vers: 9 Haggai 2, 8 Haggai 2, 10. "The work of the people serves as an expression of God's work among them. Haggai 2:9. Commentary on Haggai 1:15b-2:9 View Bible Text . James Rosscup writes "This 1858 work supplies much help on matters of the text, word meaning, resolving some problems, etc. In Haggai 1:12-15 we are told that the leaders and people listened and returned to building the temple. Haggai 1:15-2:9 New International Version (NIV). Haggai 2:6 is the only verse from this book quoted in the New Testament. Clarke's Commentary on the Bible. ii., p. 143. Hâachărōn might be regarded as belonging to habbayith hazzeh, in the sense of "the glory of this latter house;" and the majority of the commentators have taken it so, after the Itala, Vulgate, and Peschito. Understanding God's Judgment - Nahum; The Just Live by Faith - Habakkuk; Getting off the Sidelines - Obaidah; Putting First Things First - Haggai; Scriptures: Haggai 1:2-9. Sermons; Children’s Sermons; Hymns; Haggai 1:15b – 2:9 SW-Admin 2019-05-08T13:34:25-07:00. Haggai 1:15b – 2:9 "The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former," says Yahweh of Armies; "and in this place will I give peace," says Yahweh of Armies. Never miss a post. Haggai 2:19.—A. Browse Sermons on Haggai 2:9. Commentary. Text: Haggai 2:20-23 Sermon Series: Haggai. God's Satisfaction.

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